Amazon Prime Video MOD APK Unlimited

How does it work?

The Amazon Prime Mod Apk is a modified version of the official app that uses its own libraries, compiled further to allow offline viewing. The mod is not sanctioned by Amazon and any risks are your responsibility.

At its core, the Amazon Prime Mod Apk is a video player. But instead of using normal streaming methods to pull down videos from various sources (like YouTube), it uses your game library to display titles. The app itself installs like any normal title, but once launched, you’ll need to browse to your local game library and select a supported title.

After selecting a video, the mod will do its thing and download the title in the background. The entire process can take up to an hour depending on video size and your connection speed, so be prepared to wait a little bit before watching.

If you’re stuck in a hotel room with only wired Ethernet, the Amazon Prime Mod Apk can deactivate that connection and use your phone’s hotspot instead. The process takes a few moments, but once you’re all set up, the video will play smoothly over 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi.

Supported Titles

The Amazon Prime Mod Apk only supports the following video formats: MPEG4, MP4 (h.264), MOV (Quicktime) and 3GP (a.k.a. “video phone format”). This means that any video you play through the mod will be limited to your phone’s native resolution (typically 1280×720).

While not an official requirement, the app also needs to be installed on an internal memory card. This is because the game library is stored locally, and streaming video to your external microSD card would be too taxing on your phone’s hardware.

Supported devices

Officially, the Amazon Prime Mod Apk is built for ARM architecture systems only. Fortunately, some enterprising people have ported the mod to run on x86 devices, like the NVIDIA SHIELD.

If you don’t own one of those devices, you can still run the mod on a virtual machine. Just head over to our sister site APKtastic, and use their guides for Android x86 and BlueStacks.

Issues & solutions

If you’re having trouble running the Amazon Prime Mod Apk on your phone, chances are your device isn’t supported. You can either try using a virtual machine or another phone to get the mod working, or sideload the official Amazon app to use its video streaming services.


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