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***PLEASE NOTE: This game is officially supported only on touchscreen Android devices with at least 3 GB of RAM and up-to-date Vulkan support. There are some devices that should be able to play that are listed as incompatible, we will fix this as soon as we can! ***
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June 9, 2021
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If you’re a fan of the survival genre, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Ark: Survival Evolved. It’s been one of the most popular games on Steam for the past year or so, and with good reason – it’s a lot of fun. But what if you don’t have a gaming PC? Or what if you want to take your game on the go? That’s where the Ark: Ark Survival Evolved mod apk comes in. Developed by XAPK Installer, this app lets you play Ark: Survival Evolved on your Android device – no need for a gaming PC or console. So if you’re looking for an excuse to get out into the great outdoors and start hunting some dinosaurs, this just might be it. 

Ark Survival Evolved Mod Apk?

The Ark Survival Evolved Mod Apk is a modded version of the game that allows you to play on your Android device. It’s been developed by XAPK Installer, and it lets you take the game with you wherever you go.


Gameplay consists of the player having to survive on an island inhabited by dinosaurs and other primitive animals, with their goal being to live as long as possible. The player’s first task upon waking up is making a basic shelter and finding water. The game uses a system called “Ancestor Points” that function as experience points and allow the player to unlock new crafting recipes, which they can create or learn from blueprints found across the island. Players may also encounter boss enemies which require different tactics to defeat than regular enemies.

There are 2 major modes: Survival mode and Primitive+ mode. In survival mode, players will have to eat, drink, stay warm and battle against natural wildlife; this is the original game mode. Primitive+ mode is very similar to survival mode, but with the addition of primitive tools and equipment. There are also 3 minor modes: 24 players competitive, 24 player tribe, and 48 player server settings. In these modes, players can choose to either play on a tribe or solo and compete for resources or work together.

Rendering distance, day/night length and the temperature of the environment are also affected by which minor mode you choose to play in. To enjoy any modern style survival game download Westland Survival MOD APK.

XAPK Installer: How To Download Ark Survival Evolved Mod Apk?

The XAPK installer is a simple Android app, developed by XAPK Studio, that allows users to download other Android apps directly onto their phones. Usually, when downloading an Android app, a user will have to go through the Play Store – this is not always the case though. XAPK installer offers a simple and easy way to download apps directly onto your phone, including games like Ark Survival Evolved.

All you need to do is download the XAPK Installer app onto your phone or tablet, log in with your Google account and search for Ark Survival Evolved. Once you’ve done so, click “Download” and wait for it to finish. Once it’s done, simply open the app and install as you would any other Android app. It really is that simple!

Important: Ark Survival evolved mod apk does not have an undo button. When you press install, it’s there to stay – so make sure this is the game you want before downloading!

How to play?

To play Ark: Survival Evolved mod apk, you first need to download and install the latest version of XAPK Installer from the Google Play Store. There’s a free version that offers some features, or you can upgrade for a small fee to unlock all of the games’ content. Once it has been installed, launch the app and tap on Ark: Survival Evolved from the main menu.


Graphics of Ark Survival evolved are not that good. Though it is said that the graphics of the game have been improved, they still are far too low in quality but games like Harry potter has 3D graphics to enjoy.

Activities in the game

As a word of advice, always choose Plant X when you can because if you don’t have abundant resources, you will most likely end up dying.

How many creatures are in the game?

There are over 80 creatures with more added frequently to Ark Survival Evolved.

Weaponry in the game

Weapons are not able to be crafted manually, but rather you have to find them in chests or on corpses.

Taming of creatures

Taming is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Ark Survival Evolved. You are able to tame ancient creatures and ride them.

Crafting in the game

You are able to craft structures such as storage boxes, doors, and handles for those structures. You can also craft armor and tools such as the pickaxe, sword, and spear.


You can tame creatures such as Raptors, Allosaurs, Stegosaurus’, Mammoths, and even leeches.

How to put a saddle on an armored horse?

To put a saddle on an armored horse you have to have a platform saddle in your inventory then ride the horse until it is low health, jump off and while it is on the ground press R to open up your menu then click somewhere in the bottom right-hand corner where you will see a button that says feed. You then click on the platform saddle and feed it to the horse. How to tame a Brontosaurus

First, you find a brontosaurus then you use your slingshot to injure it then shoot it with a tranq dart. When the brontosaurus is unconscious, you have to go up to it and place a food item in its inventory.

How to put armor on tamed creatures?

To put armor on a tamed creature, you go to the inventory and put armor on it.


It’s a very useful app to have if you’re an Ark fan, but if you don’t want to go through the hassle of downloading this app, there are other ways to play Ark on your mobile device. Just get a 3rd party emulator for Android if you’re on your phone and you’ll be good to go. If you want something less complicated than that, there are some Ark games that you can play on your mobile device.


What's new

-Bug fixes and stability improvements




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