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August 30, 2021
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The new casual cooking title, Girl Games – Cooking Games, will definitely appeal to those of you who enjoy the art of cooking. Experience the exciting gameplay of cooking in the most simple and engaging way that will allow you to have a truly enjoyable experience. 

You will be able to explore the craze of cooking frenzies as you answer your chef’s most challenging and entertaining questions. Learn about both the preparation and cooking of foods, as well as receiving orders from the customers, so that you can also serve the food to them. In Cooking Madness, Android players will certainly find themselves completely engrossed in the game’s experience.

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Throughout the game, Android players will take on the role of a top chef with the mission of challenging the culinary world through a variety of cooking challenges. By yourself, you will handle the entirety of the food preparation and serving tasks. You’ll get the orders, prepare the food, and serve it all. It will take a lot of work to complete the challenges with dozens of incoming customers.

As a contestant here in Cooking Madness, you will have the opportunity to prepare and cook the ultimate dishes from a variety of different places, all while showcasing the specialties of the specific regions. Various customers have different tastes and orders, so you have to prepare food for each of them. You should offer your customers the best service possible and deliver the most delicious food.

Your dedicated works will generate money, and you can upgrade your kits several times. Explore hundreds of levels and complete a series of challenging challenges. Most Android gamers who are interested will surely be impressed by the arcade’s awesome gameplay and engaging content. Here is another interesting game you can download for free Happy Mall Story MOD APK.

How to download Cooking Madness mod APK/ APK

  • By clicking on the download button and downloading page at the bottom of the post, you can download the modified version.
  • You need to enable third-party apps in the mobile settings and uninstall previous versions
  • Start playing the file when you have downloaded the portable file and installed it.

Cooking Madness Mod APK Features

There was a constant complaint about the lack of resources in the game, how users were forced to buy diamonds and coins to pass levels because there was no other option. As a result, we created the unlimited everything Cooking Madness Mod APK, which provides you with unlimited money, gems, and energy. You can play for as long as you want if you have infinite energy. Your kitchen can be upgraded with unlimited money, and you can speed up your cooking with unlimited gems. There are many reasons why you should download Cooking Madness Mod APK, and now you need to choose which one to download.

Cooking Madness Mod APK Features
Infographic: Cooking Madness Mod APK Features

Cooking is a fast-paced and engaging game

You can enjoy mobile cooking at its finest with Cooking Madness, an exciting game for your phone. If you like fast-paced, addictive titles, you’ll love this. Play Cooking Madness and discover what you can make with countless ingredients and equipment as you dash from restaurant to restaurant.

Have fun cooking your impressive techniques and managing your time during peak rush hour at your restaurants and witness the absolute frenzies. Tap and advance in Cooking Madness to discover its awesome gameplay. Receive orders quickly, prepare food, plate it, and your customers are ready to devour. You can earn some special bonuses by performing quick and effective food combos. During rush hours at a crowded restaurant, Cooking Madness will simulate the incredible pressure inside the kitchen. You’re the one who will be faced with the addictive, exhilarating challenges this time around.

The gameplay of the cooking craze is engaging and interesting

In addition, Android gamers who play Cooking Madness will now have access to the entertaining gameplay of cooking crazes as you travel to multiple restaurants, each with its own signature dish for you to prepare. Prepare to face challenges as you engage in different kitchen setups and serve new guests. Our chef can improve his or her cooking skills here by participating in a variety of exciting activities.

Complete quests and explore new areas

The awesome mobile game Cooking Madness offers exciting new areas on the map as you complete different quests and levels. Throughout this game, you will find new challenges and objectives to meet with your absolute skills as you enjoy the exciting and addictive gameplay of cooking. Additionally, to make the game more interesting and engaging, with each new area you’ll also find more and more challenges with the increased difficulty. As a result, games of all levels are greatly enhanced and are more fun to play.

Learn how to make hundreds of different foods

There will be hundreds of options available for you to select from, so you can serve your customers Cooking Madness’s impressive cooking recipes. As you progress through the maps and try to cook certain foods properly, you’ll discover the interesting gameplay of cooking simulation.

Upgrades to explore and levels to climb

Additionally, you can achieve certain levels of upgrades and level-ups as you progress in Cooking Madness, each of which improves your cooking abilities. Taking advantage of unlocked stove slots will improve your experience. The upgraded appliances will speed up the process of chopping and preparing ingredients. Upgrade your kitchen to shorten your cooking time and make more delicious dishes. Become the Mad Chef by completing your challenges, upgrading your kitchens, and leveling up your skills in Cooking Madness.

Cooking Madness features hundreds of entertaining levels

In Cooking Madness, Android gamers can now play casual tapping levels to make the game more interesting. Cooking Madness has introduced a few hundred interesting levels on mobile devices so that players can enjoy the stories and challenges properly, should they be able to complete the previous ones. While trying to advance in the game, tap the screen as much as you can and accurately deliver foods to your customers.

Take part in exciting missions to earn awesome rewards

If you’re interested in more rewards, you can also explore the missions and achievements modes of the game. Pick up a variety of challenges and missions with the endless cooking challenge. You can earn many special rewards that you wouldn’t normally be able to get in other types of games.

Several interesting new topics are coming soon

You can be assured that Cooking Madness will always update its content on time for its dedicated gamers. Every time there is a new update, gamers can expect new game modes, new challenges, new quests, and new upgrades, as well as fun and engaging time-limited events that will certainly make their gaming experience better. Take advantage of these new rewards and explore any of the new content.

Play the game with or without the Internet

Android gamers can also play Cooking Madness through their mobile devices, making the game even more intriguing. With this game, you can enjoy all the exciting gameplay of Cooking Madness completely offline. As a result, there is no need to activate mobile data whenever you’re outside.

Play for free

Even with all the exciting features in-game, the game is completely free for Android users, with no payment required. All you have to do is navigate to the Google Play Store and pick up the game.


Likewise, the developers optimized the visual and overall user experience. So don’t be surprised if you’re returning to this title after a long time off. Our website has significantly improved, and the positive reviews from online users are here to provide us with further proof. We can promise you that the road to the top is a shiny one full of wonders. Make sure to tap your way through all the fun levels.

What's new

New update available for Cooking Madness!

1. The Puppy Paradise event is available from August 27th to September 26th! Join us on the Puppy Paradise season pass!
2. A second restaurant has opened in New Delhi! Come discover some delicious new flavors!
3. More content added to the Cuisine Guide!
4. Visual and general user experience optimized
5. Game performance optimized

Have fun playing!




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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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