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Drive Ahead Mod Apk Features

It is a mobile gladiator game by Dodreams known as Drive Ahead. In this game, you have to wreck your pals’ helmets by driving your car into them or hitting their helmets. The game offers a variety of vehicles and helmets. Below are some features you may be interested in reading about.

Hundreds of helmets and cars

A total of more than one hundred cars and helmets are included in Drive Ahead. The cars and helmets you choose depend on your preference. Each car and each helmet has their own positives and negatives. As you progress in the game, you unlock different types of cars and helmets. When upgrading your car, you have a better chance to win.

Four different game modes

There are four different game modes in Drive Ahead to keep you entertained. Whether on your game device or through WiFi, you can battle with your friends in the two-player match. Game mode, King of Hill, consists of mission challenges and survival missions.

Graphics in retro style

Pixelated graphics give Drive Ahead a retro game-like feel.

Unlimited Coins

Take advantage of Drive Ahead Mega Mod Apk and get tons of free coins! In the game, the primary currency is the coin, which can be earned through battles, events, tasks, etc.

Many things can be purchased with coins, including vehicles.


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