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Driving School 2017 is the newest driving simulator that will teach you to drive many different cars. Driving School 2017 features some amazing environments like cities, country roads, highways, deserts, mountains, etc...
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June 30, 2021
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It’s time to put your knowledge into practice with Driving School 2017 MOD APK if you’re struggling to get your driver’s license or if you want to go back to your driving school for another tour. You’ll be able to ride in many types of cars and travel on varied roads, allowing you to gain realistic and authentic driving experiences. Read our reviews to find out more about Ovidiu Pop’s awesome driving game. 


Players will have the chance to practice their driving and navigation skills with intuitive instructions in this latest driving simulator from Ovidiu Pop. Ride different types of vehicles and learn how to drive them in the safest and most efficient way possible.

You will enjoy different experiences on your journey as you travel on varied terrains in different cars. Riding on highways, in cities, in deserts, on mountain paths, on country roads, and so on. Whether you prefer the automatic gearbox or manual transmission, you have the option to select.

You’ve already forgotten a lot of the essential rules and regulations for driving after getting your license, so why not enjoy the experience while learning them? Additionally, you can participate in epic races with your friends or travel alone to experience addictive racing.

Features Driving School 2017 MOD APK

All the fun features that the game has to offer are listed here:

Features Driving School 2017 MOD APK
Infographic: Features Driving School 2017 MOD APK

Almost 100 different vehicles are available for you to ride

Those who are searching for the most authentic way to learn how to drive correctly and efficiently will definitely find the most reliable lessons at Driving School 2017 mod apk. In Driving School 2017, players will have the chance to experience driving in many different ways because there are nearly 100 different vehicles available. Learn how to drive in different types of vehicles that have completely different operating and handling methods.

You can choose from more than 15 different maps

As part of Driving School 2017, gamers will also be able to experience over 15 different maps, which will allow them to experience the most complete driving simulation. With dozens of different tracks to challenge your driving skills, players will have the most complete experience in Driving School. There are multiple tracks and driving conditions on each map, allowing you to experience authentic gameplay like never before.

Become a better driver with smooth and realistic car handling

In Driving School 2017, players will get the chance to experience realistic car handling with all the features they would want in their vehicles. You will experience the most realistic driving simulations by paying attention to all the details in Driving School 2017. Here is another simulation game BUS Simulator which you can download for free.

Collect different licenses in different categories

The game introduces players to a variety of vehicles, from cars and buses to trucks. In this ultimate simulation title, players will have the chance to obtain licenses for a wide variety of vehicles if they wish to learn how to drive them.

Experience the epic offline gameplay

The single-player mode is available in Driving School 2017. You will be taken through over 15 different maps with varied terrains and conditions as you play the thrilling riding game.

Experience driving at its purest

If you’re a fan of driving on endless roads while enjoying authentic simulation features, you won’t find a better game than Driving School 2017. Enjoy Driving School Days Free Ride mode, where you can drive your favorite vehicles through varied locations.

With friends and others, play the game

If you are bored with driving in single-player games, you might like the new multiplayer modes with exciting gameplay. With the Free Ride, you can cruise through different roads and paths with your friends. Compete in thrilling racing games with your friends. Engage in Catch the Flag matches with your friends.

Features Driving School 2017


View the detailed interiors of a variety of vehicles

At least in terms of interior designs, there is no other game with realistic and authentic gameplay like Driving School 2017. The components and parts of each car in Driving School 2017 are accurate to those found in real-life cars. As if you were actually riding in your own car.

Damage elements and realistic physics

Those who enjoy crashing and hitting their opponents or anything that gets in their way, like in Beach Buggy Blitz, may want to reconsider how they drive since Driving School 2017 will require its players to maintain extreme coolness and calmness while on the road. If you don’t use the realistic damage system, you will have your cars returned to you in poor condition.

Stay on the road while experiencing realistic elements

While driving on the highways, players in Driving School 2017 will be able to experience the most realistic aspects of long-distance travel. The game even features weather systems based on actual weather conditions. The creators at Ovidiu Pop go so far as to bring you the Gas System, in which players are required to keep track of their gas levels and refill their tanks at the gas stations that are randomly located on the road. Your fuel supply will not be sufficient to make it to your destination, in the worst-case scenario. 

Drive on the street like an actual driver

In Driving School 2017, players will be able to experience the most realistic driving gameplay to further enhance the simulation experience. In light of this, you can begin by learning how to handle vehicles with manual transmissions comfortably. The right time to switch gears is when you are riding like a pro. Use the clutch to adjust your speed. Control your steering wheel carefully to make clean turns.

Controls that are simple and customizable

You ought to be looking at Driving School 2017 if you’re looking for an authentic driving simulation game where you’ll be able to enjoy the most comfortable controls such as tilt steering, buttons, and touch steering. You can also use your gamepads and controllers since the game also supports these devices. All you have to do is connect and play the game whenever you like.

Connect with players around the world by playing the game

Take part in the exciting Leaderboard challenges and compete against other online Driving School players. You must earn your way up the table by winning your opponents. You can also earn loot by completing exciting Achievements. Moreover, players in Driving School 2017 can even interact with other gamers on social networks and request new gameplay from the developers.

Free to play

It’s still incredibly affordable for gamers to experience all the game’s gameplay without having to pay any additional fees, despite its many exciting features. Absolutely. Go to the Google Play Store to download Driving School 2017 for free. Get the authentic driving experience on the go.


Therefore, if you fall into one of the categories mentioned above, i.e., if you are highly skilled at driving or completely unaware of it, then driving school 2017 is for you. Play this game and practice your driving skills without the fear of getting into an accident. You can explore yourself beyond your horizons without the risk of physical damage in this game. You can play the unlimited fun-filled features of this game along with your friends by visiting your android store immediately.

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