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Fast-paced tactical gameplay

The gameplay of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 is similar to the first session. Thousand of soldiers will be placed on one side, then sent to attack thousands on the other. This is what happens throughout the game.

Despite this, it is necessary to gain experience and understand the mechanism of action before entering such a large and dramatic fight. In the game’s main mode, you can take this action. In the beginning, there are only a few units and small battles.

 As the number of warriors increased, so did the limit, and that’s when Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 became so dramatic. Here is an overview of the gameplay. While playing the game you will learn a lot.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 has a simple control scheme. In the top menu, select the corresponding unit, then touch the box on the battlefield to place it. Just touch them again if you want to move them. Pressing the arrow icon starts the battle after sorting has been completed. As the battle continues, you seem powerless to intervene. You should only use the virtual D-Pad button to move on the battlefield. The camera is in third-person perspective, and you are able to move far, near, up, and down the screen. It is a feature that I frequently use when observing military units in action. You can learn from them and improve your skills from there.

Tactics are the top factor

A game like this does not only make sense from a strategic perspective. When the characters are shaped and operated well, the sandbox genre has a lot of entertaining elements. You must create good play tactics in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 if you want to win. In this respect, the game has been upgraded by its developer, allowing players to create their own campaigns. Understanding the units will help you accomplish this.

What comes to mind first when you face a force of infantry, artillery, and catapults? Surely they are strong, don’t they? Additionally, they are very slow and need to get close to the opponent before they can attack. In the meantime, archers combined with cavalry can bring you victory. 

The formation of the squad is also affected by tactics. You should put units behind fast-moving units or ones that can attack from a distance. It is best to place units that move slowly and can only attack at close range near the boundary between the two armies. I cannot tell you when to use which units or when the strategy will work since it is an abstract idea. How you see and think about it determines whether it will work. Observing on the battlefield will help you decide what to do.

Hundreds of units for you to change your tactics

The Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 collection is incredibly diverse. A total of six types of units can be selected: Melee, Ranged, Cavalry, Heavy, Special, and Epic. You can choose from dozens of different unit types for each type.

The stats of each unit include attack, attack speed, movement speed, accuracy, health, and teamwork ability. Check their details by double-tapping on them if you want. To summon a unit, you must also pay a fee. This means that when you enter the battle, you will be given a certain amount of money. This money will be used to buy troops. The cost of each Guard is 100 coins, so you can buy 10 Guards for 1000 coins. A Berserker costs 120, a Cannon costs 300, an Archer costs 60, and a Camel costs 120.

The upgrade feature is the last one. With this feature, existing units can improve their stats and combat performance. Under the Upgrade Troops section of the main screen, you can view the upgrade cost and available units.

Multiplayer and some other appealing modes

The Online PvP mode and Epic Levels mode give you even more experience. For the system to match you with your friends, you need a username, a nickname, and a password. Additionally, this mode rewards you when you reach achievement milestones in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2. You will be able to unlock the Epic Levels mode when you reach level 50. The battle scale here is the biggest – you will face legendary opponents, who almost never lose. Generally, this is a challenging mode with no room for mistakes. It won’t take long for you to be blown away from the battlefield if you are inexperienced and have no campaign in mind.


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