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Waves of monsters have evolved and are rushing towards your territory. Build up your loyal troop and train them for the battle! You must defend your own tower and conquer the opponent's fort!
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September 22, 2017
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Throughout human history, animals have played an important role in life, including pets, wild animals, and animals that live with humans. The rainforest has far-flung branches. Creating a diverse species and colorful life, as well as protecting endangered animals, raising pets, etc. is becoming more important day by day, and it contributes to the protection and balance of the biosphere.  

Wouldn’t it be great if your pets would change into new looks or, perhaps, if a fierce battle between animals would be fought called “King of the Mountain”? In the books, the newspaper, or the TV, you’ve probably seen or read about ferocious growling animals with sharp lips and teeth. You have never seen an animal fight, despite having heard about them, but wish you could witness one someday. It won’t be that far away, you can play Fort Conquer mod APK on your smartphone and “Make that dream” come true.

Pets fighting is a game provided by DroidHen, a developer and game provider with titles such as Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG, Defender I, Defender II, Zelly Boom, Turbo Kids, Pet Blast, X- Runner and many more. Let’s play and see how the game transforms your pet.

About game Fort Conquer

One thing to note, however, is that Fort Conquer is intended for players aged 3 and up, children under the age of 3 are not recommended to play this game. It is by far the best-rated game, has high downloads, and has very positive feedback.


  • This game allows you to play as a dragon in case you’ve ever wanted to play one. In this game, you are a commander ordered to lead an army of ferocious Monster Legends into battle and win.
  • This game has an excellent combat style. Different animal cards are available for you to choose from, from which you can choose different animals. To complete the mission, you must defeat all of the beasts on the battlefield before all of your enemies perish.
  • There are two different locations you can enjoy in this title: the lava location and the ice location. These two locations offer different experiences for the player. The lava location can be selected by lava lovers, but the ice location is also available to ice lovers.
  • Progressing through the game by playing for some hours will allow you to level up. Get as many coins and money as you can by defeating as many enemies as you can. You can check a certain enemy’s level if you cannot defeat it.
  • You will have a difficult time beating your enemy if your level is lower than his. If there is a subtle difference in level between you and your opponent, you might be able to defeat them. It might not be impossible for you to defeat your enemy if his level is 10 and yours 12; however, if his level is 17 or higher, there is no hope for your victory.
  • In each battle, the number of enemies you killed will be displayed. A total number of coins you collected from that fight is also displayed, along with your kill bonus, life bonus, and stage bonus. Each match will also reward you with XP and crystals. The XP you earn can be used to unlock new levels.

What are the steps to download Fort Conquer Mod Apk 2021

Fort Conquer Mod Apk (latest version, previous version, old version, new version) is now familiar to you (and you know all about it), but how do you download it and play (what you have learned here)? You don’t have to worry about that type of situation, our website will always help you. Simply follow these steps to download our games:

  • Download the file by clicking the link below.
  • Once the download page is displayed, you will be redirected to it
  • The app Fort Conquer Mod Apk can be downloaded from here.
  • Get the app and install it on your smartphone.

Features Fort Conquer Mod APK

Defend the Tower

Plants vs. Zombies, Kingdom Rush, Bloons TD6, and other games in the tower defense genre have become increasingly popular over recent years. Usually, you have to defend the tower from invading forces, which is the theme of a lot of these games.

These games offer a variety of strategy options, which adds to their fun factor. Experience the fun of tower defense games with Fort Conquer today. The game features a variety of neo monsters.

Among the troops available in Fort Conquer are mighty pandas and legendary dragons. It will also be possible to defeat different types of troops and bosses in this game using different strategies.

Also, based on where your troops are located today, you can evolve them. Today’s challenge is to defeat more powerful opponents and earn rewards! Try out a variety of ways to play and show off your skills.

Building troop teamwork

Fort Conquer is a tower defense game that tower defense fans will enjoy. You will have to defend against waves of enemies in this tower defense game. There are many troops you can unlock and play in this game.

With this game, your troops can be built and deployed. From mythical creatures to common animals, you can choose from several special forces!

Evolution of species

When playing this game, your troops can be deployed wherever you like. There are tower defense games like this one as well. This is only different in that there will be countless beasts to contend with.


A species can become more robust or a new species can be unlocked through evolution. A number of new species can be unlocked in this game.

Features of MOD APK

Unlimited Money:

Money is needed in this game to purchase different things, and you can get unlimited money if you download Fort Conquer MOD APK. You can also earn money by playing the game, but that takes more time.

Unlimited Coins:

As well as unlimited coins, this MOD lets you progress through the game. However, you choose to proceed. Fort Conquer MOD APK can be downloaded in case you do not want to work hard for coins.


Ads make the game less enjoyable for some players, even though it’s fun. Fort Conquer MOD APK will let you play this game without being interrupted by ads. This means you will have a much better experience.

Unlocked Levels:

You’ll unlock more levels, and you’ll be able to have a more enjoyable time. The modded version unlocks all levels, so you will not get bored of playing the same level over and over again.

Visuals and audio

Cartoon graphics accompany the game, which is extremely beautiful, showcasing all of the animals in sharp, fierce, and powerful ways, so all of them are eager to fight. As a result of the amazing, vivid sound effects, the players experience an intense battle that is extremely dramatic and satisfying.


Despite its age, this game is still gold. You can see everything very clearly in this game because of its excellent graphics. Overall, the game has an excellent user interface. Each animal model is extremely detailed.

You can use dragons in the game, which is one of its best features. What real gamers wouldn’t enjoy playing as dragons? Dragon armies can be created, and you can become the champion of the battlefield. The game is absolutely captivating. If played long enough, it can easily become addictive. For the best gameplay experience, it is best to download the Fort Conquer MOD APK.

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