Grow Empire Rome MOD APK Unlimited

Features of Grow Empire: Rome

Creating powerful armies

In many games, upgrading your soldiers as much as possible is essential if you want to use them effectively. Soldiers fall into four categories. Spearmen have the advantage when fighting against cavalry, as they are suited for defense. They cannot be neglected by your team.


Your primary defense will be these as they stand along your wall during the battle. Aside from that, they have a combat advantage over spearmen, so they are indispensable.

Your army’s basic unit is the swordsman. In addition to being a backbone, they have no weaknesses, as they are equally helpful on defense and offense. But they don’t have a combat bonus against others.


Any enemy line will be punched straight through by the calvary. Due to their deadly effectiveness, the calvary is your army’s first line of defense. They are able to flank the line, attack from the rear, and cause devastating results due to their maneuverability and speed. In addition, they can be used against archers.

As a general rule, you should upgrade each type of soldier equally to ensure your army is well balanced. You will have a much more effective army during a siege battle once you have reached the maximum upgrade level of 10.

Solidifying Your Defense

Your defense must be strong enough to defeat the enemy when they arrive. In this case, upgrading the wall to its maximum level as soon as possible is optimal. In this way, you will own the strongest fencing line. Be sure to pay attention to your towers as well. In particular, you should upgrade your towers and the archers above them. Last but not the least, catapults can only be used against elephants. For this reason, you should focus on them. 

Exploring The Colony Map

A few colonies have a growing defense strength. These colonies’ numbers reveal their strength. As you lead your army into the colonial territory, you can attack with three legions and six slots for each legion. For your legion, you can, for example, choose four central units, one hero, and a siege unit. The rest of the heroes/mercenaries can be added later. Beginning with some troops, the enemy will seek reinforcements. In this case, you can use your general’s power on cooldown, allowing you to win sooner. It is possible to upgrade them once you have taken over to increase income.

Purchasing Many Items In Shop

The shop in this game is pretty straightforward. You can buy more crystals here to meet the demand for card packs and commanders. There is a crystal package available for those who are willing to spend some money on this game. These packages are not very expensive, and you can unlock the heroes with them. However, you are not required to purchase anything. You can choose what suits you best.


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