Happy Mall Story MOD APK Unlimited

Happy Mall Story MOD APK Features

The game Happy Mall Story lets you build, design, and operate your own shopping mall! To make more money, you will need to build multiple stores. Here are some features it offers.

Create Your Own Mall

One of the coolest things about this game is that you can design the mall the way you want it! With Happy Mall Story, you can create your own shopping mall and fill it with shops and attractions to your liking. You can build a children’s center if you want! In the fascinating world of the game, anything is possible.

Design of the shop system

If the mall did not have stores, how would it look? In fact, these are the main sources of income for the mall. As customers buy more from the stores, you will make more profit. Try adding a variety of shops, such as book stores, video stores, fruit stores, art stores, etc. If you expand and add more unique stores to your business, you are more likely to attract customers.

Peak Shopping Time

In a shopping mall, after a certain amount of activity, you will see a period of crazy shopping every day. You can earn a huge income in this mode and you’ll have the opportunity to earn other rewards.

Organize Tours

Booking customer tours within 2 to 12 hours can increase your mall’s income. They are likely to bring you a substantial amount of money.

Easy-to-use controls

Even a complete beginner will have no trouble controlling Happy Mall Story. All you need to do is buy an item from the store. After that, you can rotate the screen to manage the store.


Particularly, your mall continues to operate even without an internet connection. Consequently, you can generate idle profits.

Play the modified version of the game and have fun

Moreover, because it’s a freemium title, ads and in-game purchases will certainly bother you while you’re playing it. Therefore, you might want to choose the modified version of the game on our website, which offers all in-game content for free. Getting rid of those annoying ads and having fun with unlimited money is possible here. Simply download the Happy Mall Story Mod APK from our website, follow the instructions, and you should be able to play the game immediately.

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