Plague Inc Mod APK Unlimited


This game has a few awesome features that you will surely enjoy:

Intelligent AI and realistic gameplay

Gameplay is managed by a highly-developed AI system that allows for the effective management of disease outbreaks. The game becomes significantly harder as a result, but you will also find it more rewarding and challenging. Plan your strategy carefully and wisely to see who would win in a battle between humans and machines.

In-game tutorials that are helpful and handy

As you progress in the game, short and helpful tutorials will be added to help you become familiar with the game more quickly. It will be easy for you to understand what you need to do and how you should do it at every stage of the game. You can use this to deal with the AI that is designed to stop you from achieving your goals.

Various types of diseases

Players can choose from up to 12 types of diseases available in the game in order to attack a particular location with the best disease. Because of their own characteristics and power, certain diseases can be extremely deadly for certain individuals.

There are different ways to spread diseases

It’s time to develop the tactics to spread the diseases once you have chosen the correct diseases to spread. However, the AI would do anything to prevent you from spreading the disease. In order to gain the upper hand, you need to study your opponent. In the end, AI is a programmed system, but you are allowed to think however you like.

Saving and loading features are useful

If you make one mistake during your campaign, you will lose the entire battle. Therefore, saving your game would be a good idea before making any critical decisions so that you can recover from any miscalculations. In that regard, the game comes with a convenient save and load feature which allows you to keep track of your progress at any point throughout the game, making it easy and convenient to play each campaign.

Several countries are infected

You can spread your deadly diseases to over 50 countries from all over the world with this game. Take over the world and return famous cities such as New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, and others to their prehistoric origins.

Create a plague with different traits

You can also make your viruses or bacteria evolve to a more advanced state, giving them better traits, in addition to the large collection of different plagues available. Infected areas will have a much higher chance of surviving. Use this skill to your advantage.


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