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To be a supreme hero, you don’t need utility belts, tanks, or capes. All you need is the most powerful and perfectly timed punch. Stay frosty though as the bad guys get tougher and tougher. You never know who you’ll face with next.
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February 22, 2016
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We all remember the famous boxing game Punch-Out if we were old enough to play our Nintendo system in the 1980s. A game from Gamevil is called Punch Hero. The game features engaging gameplay and vibrant 3D graphics, just like Punch-Out. Compared with its predecessor from 30 years ago, it hasn’t changed much. In Punch Hero Mod APK, you will have to fight a soccer player, a samurai, and sometimes the soul of a pirate who has died. On the other hand, it is also a strong point that makes this game more interesting and fun. Check out our detailed review of Punch Hero below to learn more about this funny boxing game. 

Story Punch Hero 

Our Training Center allows us to train our strength, hook punches, and uppercuts while our Skill Store lets us acquire special skills and power moves. This is a highly addictive game featuring fun 3D graphics. Those who have accidentally touched this game can find it a challenging challenge. Punch Hero does not have a plot in the same way Punch-Out does. Once you have picked your character, you will then enter Arcade Mode. The game features 18 opponents, and every time you defeat an enemy you’ll face a new challenge. Here you can also download this amazing  and challenging game Hero Wars.

Reflective skills aren’t excellent among the competitors. However, they won’t let you down. If you choose arcade mode, you will face a soccer player, a samurai, and possibly the soul of a deceased pirate. It is important to recognize the weaknesses of each opponent and find ways to exploit them in order to fight back. There is no rule book to follow. A person who wants to win must learn the skills of “Jabs,” “Hooks,” Uppercuts, Blocking, and weaving. Quick reflexes are an essential skill in this game.

How To Download And Install Punch Hero Mod Apk On Android?

  • Go to the download page by clicking on the above button. Once you click on it, you will be prompted to download the Punch Hero mod.
  • Click the ‘Start Download’ button to download your game. In a few seconds, your download will begin.
  • Open the Punch Hero APK file in File Manager after you have downloaded the game. For the first time, File Manager may ask you for permissions when installing an application.
  • By clicking on the ‘Settings’ option, you can grant the required permissions.
  • Click the back button and try to install the APK file again after allowing the permissions. The installation should succeed this time.
  • Note: To install this modded version, you must uninstall any previously installed versions of the Punch Hero game. This will prevent any installation errors.

Features of Punch Hero Mod Apk

Simple gameplay in Punch Hero gives you the ultimate experience of boxing against 22 players with unique skills and moves, which makes it more popular among fans of fighting games. The following are some of the features of the Punch Hero mod APK. The following features will help you decide whether to download this modded version of the game if you are a new player and still unsure. Otherwise you can download Angry Birds apk mod.

Punch Hero MOD APK
Infographic: Features of Punch Hero Mod Apk

Unlimited Money

Buying necessary items, boxing equipment, and gold packages with the help of money is an essential part of this game. We all know that in the regular version of the game, we have a limited amount of money to spend, so we cannot use premium items and therefore lose the match against dominant players. Therefore, we integrated a feature of unlimited money into punch hero Mod Apk, which allows you to purchase anything from the store without paying a cent.

Unlimited Gold

Our characters’ clothes and accessories can be purchased using gold, the premium currency of the game. It takes time and effort to earn gold, however, since there are many challenging levels to complete. So I’m sharing the modded version of Punch Hero that allows you to use unlimited gold without any restrictions.

Characters that have been unlocked and upgraded

Several characters are available in this game, each with unique strengths and moves. The most powerful characters, however, are locked, and if we want to unlock them, we’ll have to spend real money on the game store. There are max-level skills available for all the characters in Punch Hero Mod Apk.

Unlimited Health

The modified Punch Hero game has the most useful feature. With this feature, you won’t run out of health, which will help you win every game.

Controls that are easy to use

No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, Punch Hero has easy controls that make it easy to play. Swiping the screen controls the character.

Here are some more features

We’ve listed some more features you’ll love below.

  • A high-quality gaming experience
  • Graphics that look realistic
  • Each character has been unlocked
  • Play without ads
  • Download for free

Visual and Sound Quality

Designing graphics

It is impossible for Punch Hero to reach the level of a monument like Infinity Blade or Dungeon Defenders due to its average graphics. You won’t be disappointed with the graphics of Punch Hero if you enjoy games from Gamevil. There are hundreds of different characters in the game, which is the only highlight of the graphics design. Playing Punch Hero is like boxing, but your opponents aren’t necessarily boxers. In addition, the developer team came up with funny identifying characteristics for hundreds of different characters.

Furthermore, the facial expressions of Punch Hero are also appealing, especially when they get hit. They were funny, and they attracted many players. You shouldn’t choose this game if you are looking for a professional graphic design. There is nothing better than Punch Hero if you’re looking for something funny to entertain.

Sound Effects

As well as the video system, the audio system is also taken care of by the manufacturers. A good example is that the music in the game is good and the enemies scream when they land a perfect hit. Punch Hero’s most important feature is its sound effects. We like the sound effects the most in this game. They’re all very funny and thoughtfully executed. Furthermore, the volume of the game can be easily adjusted and muted when necessary. However, Punch Hero without sound is no longer Punch Hero. You must wear headphones to enjoy Punch Hero.


Punch Hero provides hours of boxing action with multiple game modes and options. Punch Hero is a boxing game with few representatives in the video game industry if you are a fan. If only it had zombies to fight against. The effects and nuances of the character’s face in Punch Hero contribute to the hilarity. The violence and intensity of the game are completely different from others of the same genre. No special configuration is necessary to run the game. It is suitable for mid-range handsets. iOS and Android versions of the game are available.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is it safe to use this Mod Apk?

The Punch Hero Mod Apk for Android is 100 percent safe to use. The modded applications that I share on this Website are first tested by our experts and by a variety of premium antiviruses. As a result, you don’t need to worry about your privacy or security.

Is this mod available for a lifetime?

You can play Punch Hero Mod APK for as long as you want, but we update the modded features regularly. Keep our website bookmarked on your browser for regular updates.

Is it possible to play this game offline?

Punch Hero can be played in offline mode, but if you want to upgrade your character’s skills, you have to have a stable internet connection.

What's new

- Better Performance Optimization
- Fixed some bugs
- Stability update!




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