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What are the best mods for PvZ 2 and how to install them?

There are a number of great mods for Plants vs. Zombies 2, and the best way to install them is by using the APKTool. This is a free Android app that allows you to modify APK files. To install a mod, follow these steps:

  1. Download the APKTool and extract the files to your computer
  2. Copy the mod file to the APKTool folder
  3. Open the APKTool program and click on “File” > “Open”
  4. Navigate to the mod file and select it
  5. Click on “APK” > “Generate signed apk”
  6. Select “Yes” when prompted to create a new Keystore. This will create a new key that is necessary to install the mod
  7. Select “OK” when prompted with “Signing request complete”
  8. Copy the resulting APK file over to your Android device and install it

Note: Always backup your game data before installing any mods! Also, do not delete or modify the original game files, or your game might be ruined.

How to get coins and gems in PvZ 2 apk mod without spending any money?

There are a few ways to get coins and gems in Plants vs. Zombies 2 without spending any money. One way is to complete quests. Another way is to watch videos or ads. Another way is to use cheat codes.

  1. Complete quests

One way to get coins and gems in Plants vs. Zombies 2 without spending any money is to complete quests. Quests range from collecting a certain number of sun points to planting a set number of flowers or killing a set number of zombies. Completing quests will reward you with coins and gems.

  1. Watch videos or ads

Another way to get coins and gems in Plant vs Zombies 2 without spending any money is by watching videos or ads. You can watch an ad then receive 50 coins and 5 gems (1 gem = 100 coins). You can also earn additional rewards such as bonus plant food, re-rolls, free power-ups, gems, diamonds, or tokens by watching an ad after completing stages.

  1. Use cheat codes

Another way to get coins and gems in Plants vs Zombies 2 without spending any money is by using cheat codes. This one works the same way as most other games that have cheat codes – enter certain words or phrases into the game’s search function to receive coins or gems. For example, typing “healme” will reward you with 100 gems.

Some tips and tricks for playing PvZ 2 like a pro

Use your limited resources wisely. It’s tempting to spend all your sun and money on a single plant, but it may not be a good investment

– Try aerial bombardment with the pea shooter early on in levels where ground troops are ineffective

– Plant moles at the edges of lanes to protect against zombies that try to bypass defenses

– Use the plant food to either attack zombies from afar, or give your plants a quick speed boost

– Set up sunflowers at the beginning of the game to give yourself an advantage over your sun production

– If you can spare it, buy extra slots for power-ups like plant food and dig power

– Try using the conveyor belt to your advantage

– If you’re out of options, use the lawnmower to clear the board

– Use it on a row of expensive plants that would lose too much health to survive another attack.

– Keep an eye on your plant’s health to avoid losing them

– Use the shovel power up to remove obstacles or frozen blocks

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