Smash Hit Mod APK Unlimited


All the exciting features of the game can be found here:

Addicting gameplay with simple controls

Players will be introduced to a gaming experience that is simple, yet addictive, as they cruise through the levels of this strange crystallized world. You will only be using your metal balls to shoot against the crystals in order to break them. The controls are quite simple. Due to the limited number of balls you have, use them conservatively. As you advance, the challenges will become increasingly difficult, and you’ll be put through your paces.

Checkpoint enabled for more convenient gameplay

Players can save their progress at different checkpoints with Smash Hit Premium. This means that if you fail a certain stage, you will not have to replay your entire game. You can save a lot of trouble by going back to your most recent checkpoint and starting over. Choosing a different checkpoint will not affect the game.

Training lets you test your skills and abilities

It might be a good idea to take a look at the simple Training mode if you find the main game quite difficult. A slightly toned-down version of similar challenges awaits here. Compared to the main game, this is much more accessible. It is, therefore, more accessible for those who want to develop their skills.

Multiply your boss challenges

Players will also be challenged by the ultimate bosses in Smash Hit along with multiple levels. The game is at its most challenging here. You will encounter obstacles that come out of nowhere and only have a limited amount of balls. While it will be challenging, it’s sure to be entertaining.

Play local multiplayer with your friends

You can challenge your friends in a local multiplayer challenge if you’re so confident with your skills in Smash Hit. You should start at the beginning and keep going forward until you are no longer able to do it. In Smash Hit, you can compete against your friends in hilarious multiplayer challenges.

Play the cooperative challenges

Alternatively, you can also enjoy the game with your friends via the co-op challenges. The gameplay will become relatively easier if you play through different levels together. Not to mention that gaming with someone is always fun, especially when you have to face the boss levels.

Complete multiple challenges and achievements for awesome rewards

As an added bonus, gamers can also collect multiple achievements and challenges in Smash Hit. By completing this unique gameplay, you can unlock awesome loot.

Compete in the leaderboards and reach your best score

You might also want to consider taking the contest online if you are very confident about your skills. You can compete here for the highest score in Smash Hit against the best players. Climb the leaderboards while competing against gamers around the globe.


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