Snapchat MOD APK Premium Unlimited

Snapchat MOD APK Features

Snapchat is an app that includes some really interesting and awesome features and effects if you use the free version. Here we will discuss everything that is included in the premium version. To learn more about all these key features, read on and you will be able to make better use of this app.

1. Discover what Snap is all about

With the Snapchat Mod app, you can tap to take a photo with your phone’s camera and hold down the shutter button to record a video. Developers have added many lenses and filters you can apply to your photos, and they are adding more every day. Thus, you won’t feel bored with the same filters and lenses.

These 3D Bitmoji, which you can find here, are pretty cool. It is also possible to play unique and interesting games. Additionally, you can create your own filters and lenses to apply to your photos in addition to using the premade ones. The Snapchat community can benefit from your awesome lenses by providing them here.

2. Communicate easily with your friends

You can also chat with friends and anyone else on Snapchat, just like on other social media platforms. Besides sharing the group stories, you may also share your mood, best experience, and memories.

Video calls can be made with a lot of friends here. The group video call feature only supports 16 friends at the moment. The video calls also let you use the filters and lenses you like and have fun with each other. Friendmojis are used when you are in a video call with a friend. There are exclusive Bitmojies in it and it is very engaging.

3. Enjoy Spotlight

Snapchat has another feature called Spotlight. View all the most popular and best Snapchat videos that people have shared. By creating the best Snaps, you can also feature in the Spotlight. With Snaps, you can save and share the best Snaps with your friends. In addition, you can watch and enjoy the other Snaps in the Spotlight.

4. A feature on engaging stories

We enjoy telling and watching our friends’ stories because they are very interesting. Snapchat provides similar features to other social media networks. The story allows you to express your emotions, moods, experiences, memories. As well as watching your friends’ stories, you can view the Snapchat community stories based on your interests. You can also share your favorite stories again on Snapchat by saving them here. This gives you more flexibility when sharing and watching stories.


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