Talking Tom Gold Run MOD APK Unlimited

Features Talking Tom Gold Run MOD APK 

Play an endless runner game

There is no doubt that My Talking Tom’s mini-games are easy and straightforward. The game was only a little harder due to the endless runner gameplay of Talking Tom Gold Run. Tom’s simple actions on the screen, such as moving left and right or jumping up and down, help him track the thief’s car. If you do not want Tom to fall and have to start over from the beginning, notice how there are many obstacles such as trucks, fences, or walls, and you have flexible controls to overcome them. Help Tom collect the gold coins that the thief’s car always dumps along the way.

I immediately think of the Subway Surfers game as soon as I step onto the train tracks. In addition to the gameplay similarities, there are many similarities in the race as well. To Tom, the railroad tracks are only a small part of the many places he passes through. Even the bottom of the sea is imprinted with Tom’s footprint, whether it be the jungle, the harbor, the highway or even the highway itself. There’s no end to the adventure.

The following items

It is possible that some special items may appear from time to time on the track. In a short period of time, Tom is supported quite a bit by the track. Tom becomes stronger and unable to fall when crashing into an obstacle after riding the helmet in the air, where there are no obstacles, but only countless gold coins. The magnets and mirrors on the helmet make it easier to collect gold.


There are many exciting events taking place on Talking Tom Gold Run during big holidays. For example, Halloween and Christmas are always packed with exciting events. Discover Winter Wonderland and enjoy the holiday season. Additionally, there are a lot of premium and special items to equip Tom, such as costumes and many other items. It is a never-ending series of activities to participate in the Talking Tom Gold Run every day without having to wait for big holidays. The rewards are wonderful and attractive. Tom’s ultimate goal is to earn lots of gold so he can build his dream home.

Upgrades to the house

As you upgrade, your privileges increase a little. New worlds can be explored with the upgrade of a new house, as well as new journeys. In Talking Tom Gold Run, playing games with a lot of friends is the most special part of upgrading houses. Tom’s familiar friends have appeared in multiple versions, such as Angela, Ginger, Ben, Hank. In particular, new characters such as Hyper Tom and Cyber Angela are also available in unlimited races.


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