Total Conquest Mod APK Unlimited Money 4 Android

A strategy game set in the Roman Empire, Total Conquest MOD APK is packed with action. Following Caesar’s death, Rome looks to you to safeguard its kingdom. So you need to quit playing games and focus on building up a legionary army and conciliating with the Roman Empire. With this game, you govern your city and armies, becoming the commander of legions.

Bring your battalion to your assistance to beat your enemy and defend your land when you blow your horn. Therefore, let them taste your blade and let no mercy be shown to the invaders. The citizens of your peaceful city should be wary of any attackers. Your informants can inform you about new strategy updates that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Game Overview Total Conquest APK

By sounding the war cry, you will join legions of gamers online in an epic battle to establish a Roman empire! As a Roman governor, you can build a city-state and an army in the social game Total Conquest. However, with Caesar gone, you’ll need to form a legion – or join one – if you want to defeat your enemies and regain supremacy. Your victory is assured!

A true war strategy game is now available for Android!

As you build and administer your own city-state, you will defend your city with Towers, Traps, Walls, Gates, and garrisoned forces. You’re in charge of ten different troop kinds, each playing a unique role in epic battles. Try a hard solo campaign if you want to learn everything about war games. 

Compete with players around the world and guide your army to victory. Join or form your own Legion of talented players Work together to win Legion Wars Obtain fantastic rewards by improving your Legion rating Compare your scores on Google+ or the in-game leaderboard.


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