Criminal Case MOD APK Unlimited

Features of Criminal Case

To become a detective, you need an analytical mind capable of solving puzzles. In addition, the game does a very good job of creating very addictive murder cases. It has the following features:

Look for clues

Finding clues is the first thing you should do as a detective, not just in the game but in real life as well. This is often the most challenging step since you’re going to start from nothing and work your way up. Every time you play Criminal Case, you will be directed to the scene of the crime. You will be able to learn what happened and the killer’s identity here as you find clues and evidence. The game asks you to find guns, knives, baseball bats, and many other objects depending on the crime. Using the hints can help you if you’re having difficulty, but they’re limited.


Having gathered all the important evidence, the next step is to question everyone connected to the crime. You may ask eyewitnesses what time they came home or anything else that pops into their heads. Regardless, you want to collect any information that will be useful as a clue for your next move.


The final step is to find the perpetrator based on the evidence and statements. Finding the perpetrator may not be easy, but you are the detective. You’re responsible for finding the criminal as soon as possible so that justice can be served!

Arresting the killer

To conclude this game, the final step is to make an arrest. Using clues and the results of various tests, a person will determine which of the people related to the case is the actual killer. For example, you will need to match DNA and items associated with killers. With this method, you will be able to find the killer directly.

Once you have solved this case, you will move on to the next one. An officer can choose from several cases to solve in this game. After solving one case, a detective is assigned to a new crime scene in a different part of the city where he or she has to investigate the crime scene and find the killer.

Epic graphics

Criminal Case clearly put a lot of its budget into its animation. Although you cannot control the characters, everything is smooth and fluid. The game is more of a novel than a 3D experience, but it’s still exciting!



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