What Is Magic Dragon Village Mod APK?

DRAGON VILLAGE – a city sim mania game – is a free game called Magic Dragon Village Mod Apk. Take care of dragons and play with them. Trained the dragon egg for battle and bought it. After your dragon is ready for battle, go forth and earn some money which you can then use to buy more eggs and build more dragons.


  • The gameplay is simple, and getting used to it is easy.
  • Dragon Village supports many breeds of dragons with unique abilities, so players can experience the thrill of discovery and conquest.
  • You can find out how each dragon moves in Dragon Village by unlocking the dragon’s moves and finding more dragons.
  • Get ready to demonstrate your experience with taming in front of a giant monster in Dungeon Stage mode.
  • Gamemasters can prove their gaming skills by ranking on the leaderboard and raising dragons.
  • In PvP duel mode, you can fight against your friends and opponents.

Your dragons will love fruits

It is important that you take note of this information as fruits are beneficial for improving your dragon’s abilities. To increase their game skills, feed them fruits regularly. Depending on how many fruits they eat, the level-up process will happen. As well as helping your favorite creatures evolve, these fruits are essential.


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