Car racing games are all about racing in competition and winning prizes. You have to choose one of the 80 cars available in Real Driving Sim. In the beginning, you cannot select any car you want. Selecting desire requires you to win competitions around the globe in order to earn money. You’ll find a wide selection of cars here, including sedans, supercars, off-roaders, and SUVs. Furthermore, you can play it with your friends, since it is a multiplayer game.

Features of Real Driving Sim

It’s not your typical game about cars. You are not racing against anyone. Instead, you are driving normally and completing challenges. It has the following features:

A wide selection of vehicles 

The cars themselves are what make Real Driving Sim so appealing. You get to drive a lot of different types of cars! You will have a chance to see how sedans and vans drive. It is important to practice with all the cars since they are all different. You can also earn money by completing challenges to unlock cars!

There are plenty of locations

Real Driving Sim features many different locations in order to mimic real-life driving as much as possible. There are highways, deserts, mountains, and cities in this game. Feel free to drive your car as you please and complete challenges along the way. You can also become familiar with different terrains by driving on them.

Controls that are realistic 

Your cars can be either automatic or manual in this game. You can also control the game in a realistic way. Using tilt steering, buttons, or a virtual steering wheel, you can control it. Also on the screen, you can adjust the acceleration and brakes, as well as change the transmission. Everything you need is displayed on the screen, including turn signals, hazards, headlight switches, and the horn. You’ll be able to drive like a real person in this game, unlike most car games.


Although the game does not use the most advanced graphics, the level of detail is quite sufficient to create an immersive experience. Real Driving Sim has also been enhanced with a realistic soundtrack, allowing you to immerse yourself into the game with your mind.

Plenty of challenges

You must also complete different challenges in Real Driving Sim. Earn rewards by completing them!


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