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Features of Pixel Gun 3D Mod Apk

Despite the typical battle royale theme, this game offers plenty of features and excels at many of them. The fact that a game shares a genre with the most popular games does not mean it is a copycat. Pixel Gun 3D has the following features:


As with most games, the controls are fairly easy to understand and self-explanatory. The left side of the screen has a virtual joystick touch button you can use to control your player. On the right side, there are buttons for firing, reloading, jumping, and emoticons. Sounds pretty standard, doesn’t it? Last but not least, you can swipe the screen in any direction you wish to change the view.

The multitude of maps

There are over 30 maps to choose from in Pixel Gun 3D in order to give you variety. Since each map is meticulously designed and revolves around a central theme, you won’t get bored for a while. Moreover, you’ll feel like you’re playing Minecraft while playing Fortnite simultaneously – which is a unique gaming experience. To give you an overview, some maps are called Space Arena, Sniper Forts, Nuclear City, and others.

Different game modes

You’re wrong if you think this is just another battle royale game! In addition to battle royale, the game offers several other modes such as deathmatch, cooperative survival, campaign, and the zombie apocalypse. This last mode is the only mode that can be played offline! Isn’t that great?

Cool items

Everything about this game is great, especially the weapons and gadgets! Jetpacks, energy shields, and other gadgets are available to the public. You get over 200 different weapons in the game, so don’t miss them either. As a result, you have an unlimited number of options for eliminating your enemies and coming out victorious!

Costumes and pets

Additionally, you can choose from over 180 unique costumes in this game! Make your opponents frightened by dressing like a pirate, superhero, or even a zombie! Pets are also available for purchase! Dogs, cats, and even unicorns are available for purchase! And did we mention you can also own a T-Rex?

3D graphics that are stunning

The graphics in this game aren’t as good as its competition like Fortnite and PUBG. However, that’s because it is an original title! There are 8-bit pixels in its graphics, but it is well-designed and has a modern feel. Therefore, if you think the graphics alone make this game bad, you’d be wrong. This game looks like just a copycat of Minecraft in terms of its graphics. In addition, it incorporated a battle royale genre that has never been done before.


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