Hungry Dragon MOD APK Unlimited

The graphics in this game are top-notch as well, which is something we don’t always see with free games like these. It has all the classic features you would expect from an endless runner type of game: beautiful scenery, various power-ups and items, and lots of different maps. The game’s design is very polished, and it has some cool features that are unique to this game.

It really is quite amazing how fun this game is for a free download. After playing it, you’ll realize that you’re getting much more than what the price tag would suggest.


In the game, you play as a small dragon who is trying to survive and eat other things to become stronger. The dragon gets faster and stronger as time goes on, so you have to be fast and strategic in order to survive. There are different maps with varying levels of difficulty, and there are also items that can give you powerups or help you in your quest.

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics and sound in this game are good. I love the detail in the backgrounds and items when you click on them. The dragon also changes with what map you are on, which makes it feel like each level has a different character!

How to play the game

  1. Tap the screen to make the dragon move:
  2. Eat all things on your way:
  3. Avoid obstacles and enemies:
  4. Collect coins and buy power-ups:
  5. Reach more than 10,000 meters to get more coins and unlock new maps!

The game is very good for all ages. It’s also quite addictive so be careful when playing it! 🙂 The best part about this game is that it’s free! you can download it at the play store to your android device.

Tips and tricks for playing the game

  1. The dragon gets faster and stronger as time goes on, so be sure to keep moving
  2. If you find a new map or an item that gives you power or helps with your quest, don’t hesitate to use it
  3. Always make sure the dragon is behind you!
  4. Press the pause button when you need to rest
  5. The game saves automatically, so if you close it for a moment or it crashes, don’t worry
  6. The game is quite challenging but very addictive too!

Why you should download it now?

Download it today to find out the reason why! If you beat him, you’ll feel very accomplished. This game is very fun to play when you are bored so download it today!


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