Features of Dead Trigger 2

We’ve come a long way from the simple zombie games we saw in the past. Today, the zombies look more realistic and the gameplay is smoother than silk, giving the impression that one is surviving. However, what makes this work of art different from other zombie survival games? Let’s explore!

Travel to 33 countries

The goal of Dead Trigger 2 is to eradicate zombies in every nation. Each time you play this game, you will experience a new combat experience from one of 33 countries. There will be a wide variety of zombies in the 10 regions that you will visit and a whole lot of fun!

A huge weapon arsenal 

This zombie survival game emphasizes the importance of weapons. Weapons are the primary means of annihilating zombies. There are 37 types of weapons available. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Throughout the game, make good use of them!


Every week, Dead Trigger 2 hosts a tournament. Every week, slug it out in an Arena with custom gladiator rules with players from around the world. Are you up for the challenge?

Easy-to-use controls 

On smartphones, FPS games are usually difficult to play. Over the past few years, however, game developers have been looking for ways to improve the FPS gameplay. This is also true of Dead Trigger 2, which has smooth and responsive touch controls. A virtual joystick can also be used for console players.

Global Story 

You can take part in a global story mode with other survivors! Every character in Global Resistance has an effect on the story. There are a variety of missions and side quests to complete.

Great Graphics 

The graphics in Dead Trigger 2 are one of the game’s strongest points. The zombie survival shooter games that are available pale in comparison to Dead Trigger 2. Game space requirements clearly reflect the graphics that set this apart from others.


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