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Idle Heroes MOD APK Features

Collect Different Characters

Each character in Idle Heroes has its own unique personality, so players can play as five different characters. The players in this game can use the same symbol to perform different attacks, unlike some other RPGs. To solve this problem, mods provide interaction mechanisms and countermeasures that can be used to form a strong team.

With the gacha rotation mechanism, you can recall characters in several ways. Gachas are divided into three categories: regular gachas, premium gachas, and friend gachas. If you play advanced gacha, 5-star acquisition rates are very possible, and a friendship score of 3 can get you 3-star characters. By summoning 10 characters at once, the speed of the first-class character’s acquisition will be sped up.

Upgrade the power of your characters

In Idle Heroes, there is a level mechanism and each level has more powerful stats. Meanwhile, it consumes three types of resources. There are several empty hexagonal boxes on the character information sheet that indicate how many levels the character has climbed. After a certain level is reached, you will be unable to continue with updates. You must take a higher level. With each higher level, you will be able to acquire new passive skills.

According to the above description, players can summon characters between 1 and 5 stars. Therefore, when you hit level 100 with a 5-star character, you sometimes have to wait for a long time before it continues. In order to move on to the purple and yellow star levels, the five-star character will need to prepare the material.

Simulations in virtual reality

Players find enjoyment and interest in the game’s characters. Industrial development enhances the game immensely. A fun, cartoon-style aesthetic with colorful graphics. Several features make this game incredibly enjoyable for players. It is almost relaxing for the player.

The new changes to chip selection or an issue that affected gaming quality online have been fixed by DHGAMES. It is true, though, that the product available to the player today is almost complete. This is due in part to the game’s very efficient and comprehensive operating system. There is no denying that all the activities during the game are a lot of fun. In the next update, players will have an even greater experience as the update will make gameplay even better.


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