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The new game in the EMERGENCY series - download the rescue simulator EMERGENCY HQ now!
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August 11, 2021
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Law-abiding citizens who save lives every day may be a challenging job, but someone has to do it. Promotion Software GmbH has created an amazing Bus Simulator game that perfectly captures the thrills and wonders of being an emergency worker. This action-packed game will let you live out all your dreams (and nightmares) of saving lives, putting out fires, arriving on time, catching criminals, protecting people, and creating lasting memories. 

The features in this game will absolutely appeal to those who enjoy role-playing. You can manage firefighters, police officers, paramedics, hospital staff, and technical personnel with Emergency HQ Mod APK. It’s always going to be a challenge in Emergency HQ, so you have to be on top of things if you’re going to succeed. It has you planning, drawing your routes, preparing items for transportation, getting the squad ready for action, starting the workforce, and taking care of everything in between in the simulation game.

Emergency HQ Mod Apk GAMEPLAY

The game’s straightforward gameplay makes it very addictive. A fire requires summoning an emergency services team. Make sure the team clings to the house or vehicle and other nearby areas. If you perform a task near a burning building or car, your medical team, engineers, and other people may catch fire and be unable to complete the task. Keeping them insight and bringing a firefighter to the rescue is therefore your responsibility. Your instructions to firefighters regarding where they should spray fire extinguishers and how to rescue people injured in the fire could be helpful. In addition, medical personnel will assist with a temporary dressing of the patient.

After you have completed each task successfully, you will have only one unit of each team in the game. Through upgrading your working buildings, you will gain more members of your team after playing several levels. Eventually, you will have many employees when you go from having just one doctor to having two. Your tasks will be completed faster and better if you do this.

What are the steps to install Emergency HQ MOD APK on Android?

Before installing the new version of the game, make sure you remove any previous versions you might have installed. To start the installation, go to settings, click on security, and then enable the Unknown Sources option. You can easily install the Boom Beach mod APK file if you download the file. Installing this app on mobile devices is as simple as following these steps.

  • To download, click on the download button below
  • Wait for the download to complete before opening it
  • You can install the app on an Android device.
  • Make sure you follow the instructions inside.
  • After it is installed properly, start the app and enjoy the many features it has to offer.

Emergency HQ MOD APK Features

Emergency HQ Mod Apk
Infographic: Emergency HQ Mod Apk


The simplicity of this game makes it addictive. When you are faced with a fire, call the fire brigade. If you’re hanging out the tire, make sure it is not on the ground. Personnel in the medical field, engineers, and professionals who work near buildings or burn cars can be affected by fires. Our firefighters must be kept safe by watching them. In fire-hazardous areas, fire extinguishers can be used to spray liquid fire suppression and to rescue those caught in the flames. Also, be helped by medical personnel to temporarily dress the patient.

You begin the game with a single unit once you have accomplished certain tasks. Can be upgraded every working building in the game to recruit more party members after completing the game’s many levels. Changing doctors is similar to hiring new employees as you progress. You will be able to work faster and more efficiently.

Attractive And Incredible Rewards

Bronze, silver, and gold missions can be completed slowly or quickly, and each will result in a different reward or badge. Getting the mission done quickly will net you more coins and rewards. You can also earn diamonds by watching commercials or exploring the magic inside the boxes that friends and staff open.

These mystery boxes each contain two diamonds, and these lists each contain two diamonds. Taking your team with you to different locations to help with situations can earn you extra money as a side job. In addition to upgrading the existing buildings and HQ, building new buildings for different professions, and expanding training facilities (professional teams), money earned may be used to upgrade all buildings and HQ. It takes between 5 and at least 40 minutes to train a team to become more experienced and agile. On the other hand, buildings can take anywhere between 15 minutes and 100 hours to clean. You can download another amazing game Hackers mod apk for free.

Ultimate Features

Enjoy the variety of features this game offers. The game includes several, ranging from explosions, terror arrests, and even rescuing endangered animals and this is one of the highlights of the game, a rally-point. This game has a simplistic plot, so you can enjoy it if you’re 7 years old and older. Additionally, the time management system in the game is another advantage and is appreciated by many players.

Despite its excellent graphics, the game does not feature detailed simulations of characters, buildings, or explosions. The screen of the game can also be zoomed in or out while the player is playing it. A player can easily keep track of the tasks he has to complete by viewing them at the top of the screen, along with the number of tasks to complete. Whenever you fail a job, you must restart it and start the entire process again.

  • Unlimited Money
  • MOD Unlocked

The Final Verdict

As if all that wasn’t enough, this APK file will also include the latest mod from Emergency HQ, which offers crazy explosions, amazing graphics, complex situations, and fun quests, operations, and side-missions. In the event that you fail a task because it is challenging, you can simply restart it and finish it like a pro. Click on the button below to download the game. It is exciting, engaging, charming, and extremely addictive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to get Unlimited Money and Currency on Emergency HQ?

There is only one way to get unlimited amounts of Money and Currency in the game. This game can be downloaded as a mod. There are unlimited resources, currencies and all features are unlocked with this mod version.

Question 2: Is Emergency HQ Mod Apk safe and free?

It’s completely safe to play this modified game. A number of virus scanning websites such as VirusTotal have already been used by our team. In case you have any doubt, you may also check them. Furthermore, it is totally free for everyone and always will be. Download it from our site without spending a dime.

What's new

- Various bug fixes and optimizations.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and have fun in EMERGENCY HQ!




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