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The game lifeafter Mod APK is set after a zombie invasion where players have to survive after a post-zombie apocalypse has taken place. In this story, a mysterious virus spreads rapidly and infects humans, making them into zombies. 

Only a few survivors remain after the zombie virus has wiped out most of the world. You are one of them. In this case, you must find a safe and light place that you can hide in when hearing growls of the infected humans approaching during the nighttime, in which you can only wait until sunrise and pray not to be infected.

You have to collect materials, build your shelter and power weapons, and find food and water to survive during the attacks. Keep your HP, Huger, Health, Temperature, and Vitality indicators green as this indicates that you are healthy enough to defeat the infected. During the day, they’re more likely to appear, but if you don’t have the equipment to kill and combat them, then stay hidden during the night. Also have a look at Extra Lives MOD APK another amazing zombie survival game.

Story LifeAfter Mod APK game

So far we have played a variety of games, some easy, some challenging, but all interesting to play. Our perfect gaming skills are tested with the new challenges and tasks presented in this game. As you will see, LifeAfter mod APK is a role-playing game. Each time, you must protect yourself to stay alive. In summary, you must fight to keep your friends and yourself alive. The information presented here will delve deeper into this game, so keep an open mind to learn more about it and be one of the best. This game revolves around a world that has been infected by apocalyptic viruses. The people are in great danger here, so we have to try our best to protect them.

How do I install LifeAfter MOD APK on Android?

  • To begin with, make sure to remove any previous versions of this game installed on your device. To enable the Unknown Sources, click on settings, then security, and finally Enable The Unknown Sources (just in case the installation fails).
  • It is very easy to install the mod APK file for this app. You can follow these steps to install this app on Android devices.
  • You can download the file below by clicking the download button
  • Open the file after it has finished downloading
  • You need to install the app on your Android device.
  • You’ll find instructions inside. Follow them.
  • You can now start playing the amazing features of this game once it has been properly installed.

Features of LifeAfter MOD APK

You can make new friends and enemies

While searching for ashes in the city on a daily basis, the protagonist encounters other ordinary people who have also recovered.

You can still loot your character or become his friend each time you meet a new survivor. You can still make wise choices for your character to avoid theft. Become friends with new characters while surviving in a post-apocalyptic world filled with danger and loneliness. The LifeAfter Mod Apk gives you unlimited ammunition and unlimited lives. Also download, Zombie Diary 2 MOD APK.

The heaven of survivors

While traveling to the game, players must make new friends and create a safe haven. They must build a retreat that becomes a new world for ordinary people. In the meantime, prevent them from coming into contact with infected people outside. For a solution to be found and survivors to be protected, they must stick together.

Create a character of your own

Including two people and a dog, play a truck ton with three friends. The zombies continue to attack the car, causing it to lose control, hit a chasm, and explode. The only two survivors were you and your dog. Eventually, she meets a guy named Aleksey. His guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse is the guide.

When starting the scene, the user will see this option when creating their character. As a comparison to the current survival game, I find it quite detailed. There is a very cool multiplayer feature where LifeAfter provides a dog that will guide players from the beginning, including Blackbacks, Dobermans, and Labradors. Players can count on them for support.

Survive with what you have

In a fast-evolving world, the player must fight against infected humans and destroy the virus. To win this fight, you must be able to store food, find prey, make a self-defense weapon, and deal with damage. Hunting and fishing are also important skills to have. Additionally, you can go to post-apocalyptic cities, abandoned mines, ruined universities, frozen forests, or any other place to gather the materials you need. There are also other supplies in other buildings, such as medicines. It will be cold on this painful day, and there will be infected people attacking you. Kill zombies in Dead Trigger 2 MOD apk with unlimited ammunation.

Create a sanctuary of supreme quality

Creating a safe environment is essential to preventing danger. Besides that, people will be in a safe and new environment. Traveling through the vast world with friends will be a great experience. In general, you can find a suitable place to camp and begin your project by following the meticulous steps step by step. Additionally, all survivors of this shrine must work together to find safety solutions. Members can also have a warm evening spent together with stuffed animals by the fire. Simply put, always be strong with your followers and live to the very end so we can revive new humanity. The rest is up to you. This game is limitless, so you can play to your heart’s content!

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Lives
  • The MOD has been unlocked
  • Ammo unlimited
  • Diamonds without limit


This article explained how to download and install the LifeAfter APK mod file. LifeAfter is a popular game, which is well worth playing. A mod APK removes these unnecessary items, thus improving the overall gaming experience. It is important to note that the modded version is completely legal to use since Android is open source and anyone can make modifications. However, using others’ paid services for free by altering the source code could be unethical and even illegal in some areas.


What are the special features of lifeafter the mod APK?

This modified version of lifeafter is completely free to play because you have unlimited money, resources, and shopping.

Is it safe to download lifeafter?

It is! Downloading or installing the game requires no root access or extra software.

How many gems and resources are free in LifeAfter Mod APK?

There are no limits to the number of gems or resources in LifeAfter.




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