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It's time for a real hero, the updated stickman is back. Stickman is the same person who can do anything. Play a free simulator about a funny man and have fun as it should, in the updated version there are more dodges, more easter eggs, more missions. You still have awesome 3D action in a big open world from a third party. The life of a stickman is not easy, a large number of enemies and difficult battles await your hero. Funny shooters will take place on every corner. Evil clones have invaded your city again; these painted little men haunt anyone. Your hero needs to fight this evil that has invaded the city and set its inhabitants free. Fend off waves of enemies and keep the defense of the whole city. Get rewards for completed tasks and improve your stickman. Complete a large number of interesting missions. Get cool guns to have superiority in battles.
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September 7, 2021
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For a true hero, it’s equally easy to enjoy this exciting Stickman Rope Hero Mod APK game if you live up to the world of stickman heroes. Visit this massive city with plenty of interesting attractions for you to explore and enjoy. Discover the beautiful 3D map with many features and items for you to interact with the game. 

Experience the awesome power of the wonderful superhero. Defeat the evil clone armies that are threatening the city and its inhabitants on epic missions. You will enjoy the freedom you have when you explore Stickman Rope Hero. Moreover, Stickman Rope Hero now includes awesome stories you’re sure to love, which will make the game even more engaging for all of you.

We review Stickman Rope Hero in-depth, so you can learn more about this awesome mobile game.


Defend the city from its evil enemies with our stickman hero by joining his quest. As you progress, you’ll have to use the rope hero’s amazing powers to defeat monsters and enemies. Explore Stickman Rope Hero and experience plenty of exciting adventures and quests.

Play this addictive mobile action game and have fun. Experience amazing superhero combats as you explore your awesome powers. Enjoy a free exploration of the large city with a variety of locations to choose from. Take a ride in epic vehicles and explore the town free of charge. Play hilarious battles with nasty enemies and take them down.

Features of Stickman Rope Hero MOD APK

It is a unique simulation game where you control a League of stickman as he explores the world in 3D. You can do a wide range of missions here. This is what it has to offer:

Stickman Rope Hero MOD APK
Infographic: Features of Stickman Rope Hero MOD APK

Play a unique game

There is an increasing number of simulation games on the market. These games offer a unique gameplay experience and will not disappoint. Tons of games can be played here, all of which are unique. The Stickman Rope Hero game is the newest addition to these games. Playing this game is like becoming a stickman superhero who can crawl buildings using his web. Additionally, there are tons of missions to complete and elements to discover. There is also an Easter egg hunt, character customization, and much more!

Epic character 

It is not new to play 3D open-world games. The popular franchise GTA introduced them to the world. However, your character in Stickman Rope Hero isn’t an ordinary one at all. In this game, you’ll become a stickman hero! As a result, you will be able to traverse buildings using your web power in seconds. Apart from that, players can do everything from equipping themselves with weapons to wear skins. Among the skins, you can choose from are the business skin, the beach suit, and the red suit original. Put on your best attire and show everyone your personality!


Different missions will need to be completed in this game. You may have to drive around the city, eliminate people, and go to certain places when you are assigned a mission. There are different missions you need to complete in order to progress. In summary, they are a lot of fun and put you in a great position to play more.

3D World and elements

It is a 3D game, so you’ll appreciate the wide expanse you’ll play in. There are no stick figures in this building, but it is well-designed. Besides driving a variety of vehicles, you can also drive SUVs, Limousines, and tanks!


On the left, you will find a virtual pad that will make controlling your character incredibly easy. Accessing your powers can also be done on the right.

Visual and sound quality


With Stickman Rope Hero, you can further immerse yourself in 3D worlds than in other classic stickman action games. In addition to the great visual effects, you’ll find the animations fascinating and will certainly find your gaming adventures more enjoyable. Furthermore, the realistic physics and smooth gameplay will ensure that you are always immersed in this interesting mobile title.

The Android player can also adjust in-game graphics settings to make sure the game will run smoothly on their mobile device, irrespective of the device’s hardware capabilities. On any of your mobile devices, this should ensure smooth and lag-free gameplay.

Music & Sound

Along with fascinating graphics, the game also features impressive sound effects and captivating music, so Android users will have fun with their awesome mobile title. Because of this, Stickman Rope Hero can truly engage you.

Final thoughts

Stickman Rope Hero offers Android gamers incredible gameplay and exciting simulation experiences. Use your different rope hero abilities to navigate the open-world map and explore the rope hero abilities. Learn about the unique features in-game and customize the simulation to fit your own preferences. In addition, you can play the game on our website for free and with no restrictions.

What's new

- Performance optimization




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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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